Well behaved leashed dogs are allowed on the patio and side/event room (when open to the public). 

**The side/event room is sometimes booked for events, if you know you won't be on the patio with your pup please call/email ahead and ask if side room is open to the public. Info@badweatherbrewery.com - 651 207 6627**

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Fine Print Rules

 -Employees are prohibited from touching, petting, or handling dogs.

-Dogs must remain on a non-retractable, standard leash no longer than six (6) feet while on premises and must be house trained.

- A current Animal License from the city, town or county of residence must be affixed to a properly fitted collar.

-Dangerous or potentially dangerous dogs as defined in MN Statute 347 are not allowed onsite.

-Dogs must not be allowed on furniture or to eat or drink from establishment service ware, except for separate dog water bowls placed on the floor.

-All humans to maintain their dogs under control at all times.

-All humans to dispose of their dogs’ waste properly if allow to eliminate on outside grounds