At the time of writing this we are 5 months in to the buildout of our St. Paul taproom. The bulk of the construction is complete and some of the finishes are beginning to go up. At this point, the most common question we get (from ourselves and everyone else) is when will the taproom open to the public. 

We purposefully are vague with our answers, because we do not know the exact date ourselves. Even with the arrival of equipment in mid June (we will clog your social media with images of tanks arriving) an exact date is tough to tell. Baring any issues with licenses, etc., we still need to clean and install the equipment and, most importantly, brew beer we are happy with. 

When the taproom finally opens, we want to launch with a good variety of beers, many of which we haven't released yet, and we want them to be top notch. So our friends at Badger HIll has invited us to brew weekly with them on their system, which is nearly identical to the one we are getting, to make us as ready as possible for when our brewing equipment arrives.

So when do we open? Not sure, there are a lot of variables that we can't predict, but we hope to be open before the end of summer. Thanks for your patience and excitement!