If you pay much attention to our social media, you should be aware our long over due taproom will be opening soon. We decided it would be fun in the days leading up to the big day, to reveal some of the new beers that will be featured at the taproom. The first of which is the wet hopped version of our soon to be house IPA The Hopcromancer. 


The  will be a main stay at the taproom. Gotta have an IPA flowing at the brewery, we haven't released a true IPA yet so give us a break!

We want our IPA to showcase the citrusy fruity flavors of hops with out knocking you over the head with bitterness. And for it's first non beer fest appearance will be made with fresh hops from Mighty Axe Hops.

 Once again our wonderful artist Lucas Gluesenkamp did a wonderful job with the art and had a little fun with a description for the beer. 

"Few know of the bitter forces that lay hidden in the pages of the Hopcronomicon. Fewer still can read its cryptic and citrusy recipes. Those who can are driven mad by alpha acids. For it was written by those who live in the shadows of our fermenters. They wait in slumber for there time to return and consume the world. They wish to return us to the black beyond the pale... ale.."