If you pay much attention to our social media, you should be aware our long over due taproom will be opening soon. We decided it would be fun in the days leading up to the big day, to reveal some of the new beers that will be featured at the taproom. The first of which is the wet hopped version of our soon to be house IPA The Hopcromancer. 


The  will be a main stay at the taproom. Gotta have an IPA flowing at the brewery, we haven't released a true IPA yet so give us a break!

We want our IPA to showcase the citrusy fruity flavors of hops with out knocking you over the head with bitterness. And for it's first non beer fest appearance will be made with fresh hops from Mighty Axe Hops.

 Once again our wonderful artist Lucas Gluesenkamp did a wonderful job with the art and had a little fun with a description for the beer. 

"Few know of the bitter forces that lay hidden in the pages of the Hopcronomicon. Fewer still can read its cryptic and citrusy recipes. Those who can are driven mad by alpha acids. For it was written by those who live in the shadows of our fermenters. They wait in slumber for there time to return and consume the world. They wish to return us to the black beyond the pale... ale.."







After over a year of being vague about the opening date, we finally know when our St. Paul Taproom will be open! Friday October 9th 2015!

It has been a long road to get to this point. We first toured the building in November 2013 (eight months after we had our launch party at Republic in uptown). Construction started the last week of December with hopes of a July opening... good thing we were vague about our opening date. While the expansion went much smoother than any of us expected, no project this size is without its delays. 

We have been very proud of the beers we have put out the past two and half years, but we have only brew a small portion of the recipes we have prepared for a Bad Weather. The taproom allows us to brew the variety we had hoped to when we started this adventure. 

On our grand opening we will have eight varieties of beers, half of which are brand new. In addition to this we have two nitro lines and two beer engines for cask beer will add four more varieties on top of the beers on tap. 

Thank you all for being patient with us, we look forward to sharing our new space with you!



Arrival of Equipment

With the arrival of our brewing equipment, we are one giant step closer to brewing our first batch and opening our new taproom! While we would love to start brewing right away, the install of the brewhouse and associated piping/plumbing will take some weeks. 

We have two different size tanks which allow us to increase our production beers and brew a large variety of taproom exclusive beers. We have been test batching like mad to come up with a fantastic first round of brews that we are excited to share. #FinalStretch



#MNBeer News: Bad Weather opening near Xcel Center

Article by Jake Laxen of the St. Cloud Times

ST PAUL – Construction started for Bad Weather Brewing Co.'s new brewery and taproom in December.

And the 12,000-square-foot facility just a few blocks from the Xcel Energy Center is scheduled to open at the end of summer.

"We're hoping to be a top spot for Wild games and concerts," Bad Weather co-founder Joe Giambruno said. "We are really excited to get things rolling."

Bad Weather launched in March 2013 in Minnetonka, sharing equipment with Lucid Brewing and Pryes Brewing — Badger Hill Brewing Co. also used the facility before getting its own brewery and taproom in Shakopee.


Giambruno said the plan was always to move out of that space, but they are about three years ahead of schedule on their original business plan.

"We picked a spot that was a blank slate for us to work with," Giambruno said. "We really get to make the space our own."

The brewery's trademark has been using Lucas Gluesenkamp illustrations for its labels. Giambruno said a Gluesenkamp mural will decorate the taproom.

Bad Weather got its name from co-founder Zac Carpenter, who used to homebrew with his father on rainy days.

The brewery offers a red ale called Windvane, a German ale called Migration, a winter ale called Ominous and a rye ale called Firefly.

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Great Weather Ahead This Summer

Walkers, bus riders, and drivers that travel down West 7th Street can't help but notice the changing landscape at the corner of Mc Boal Street. Owners Joe Giambruno Zac Carpenter are making lots of progress on the future home of Bad Weather Brewery"It is really exciting to become part of the west 7th community," said Zac.

On what a used to be a former Michelin tire shop, the brewery site sat vacant for a number of years. The neighborhood was eager to see a new small business invest in an abandoned building. Gone will be the days of loud pounding, replaced by happy community members enjoying great beer. The new brewery space will have glass garage doors that open up to a future patio, community space, and a tap hall. The new taproom and brewery will soon open its doors during summer 2015.

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Under Construction

At the time of writing this we are 5 months in to the buildout of our St. Paul taproom. The bulk of the construction is complete and some of the finishes are beginning to go up. At this point, the most common question we get (from ourselves and everyone else) is when will the taproom open to the public. 

We purposefully are vague with our answers, because we do not know the exact date ourselves. Even with the arrival of equipment in mid June (we will clog your social media with images of tanks arriving) an exact date is tough to tell. Baring any issues with licenses, etc., we still need to clean and install the equipment and, most importantly, brew beer we are happy with. 

When the taproom finally opens, we want to launch with a good variety of beers, many of which we haven't released yet, and we want them to be top notch. So our friends at Badger HIll has invited us to brew weekly with them on their system, which is nearly identical to the one we are getting, to make us as ready as possible for when our brewing equipment arrives.

So when do we open? Not sure, there are a lot of variables that we can't predict, but we hope to be open before the end of summer. Thanks for your patience and excitement!